Sound Installation / Virtual Reality

The wonderful everyVRday is coming

Medium: 7 speakers, oculus quest, different objects (carpet tomate graphic, stool orange graphic, iron board beach graphic, shopping trolley-james coco dog graphic, plastic chair, radio with USB, lamp with pink light, x2 LED lights, x2 Monkey Banana Monitors, mixer, cables)
and audio generated from the information of the objects website.

The installation setting refers to the solitude of banal objects found on the internet in a time of over-consumerism and over-production of items. By creating a journal of animated visual and sonic environments, the mixed reality scenography displaces a near-dystopian technological relation of interacting with VR headsets in our everyday lives. The artist's action highlights identitarian distortions and relational disconnections between objects and consumers. In the virtual environment, the artist approach focuses on the visual representation of texturizing a collection of physical and virtual household objects in the gallery space.

SoundsAbout, Project Space
28.02.2020 - 01.03.2020
Potsdamer Straße 161
10783 Berlin, Germany