Sound Installation

Transitory Sonic Bodies

SoundsAbout, Project Space “MERIDIANS” / VORSPIEL transmediale
at Zwitschermaschine
04. - 07.02.2022

Potsdamer Straße 161
10783 Berlin, Germany
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The installation focuses on the state of matter and highlights moments of the transformation process. In that way, unstable forms resonate and vibrate while emphasizing particular moments of the process of sculpting and sonifying. This event is an ongoing dialogical process between both artists working with sound and spatial design. In that way, the show reveals one specific moment within this artistic research exploration. The objects presented in the gallery are from different materials with very distinct masses and volumes combined with embedded speakers that activate the sculpture through audible forms—resembling that the sound is triggered, amplified, swallowed, and transformed into movement depending on the material.