Photo (1,4,8,9,12): Rafael Medina for Instinct #12

"An AIDS Walkthrough" is an exhibition that brings together Berlin-based contemporary artists and international art practitioners and researchers to facilitate an intergenerational dialogue on the impacts of HIV/AIDS onsociety.

The exhibition seeks to address important questions, such as how to pass on and honor the memory of a traumatic period in our history, how to show hope for the end of the pandemic with treatments that work, and how to ensure that we do not forget that the fight is not over, especially for our friends who live in countries where prevention and treatment are non-existent.

Participating artists

Judy Dunaway
Yves de Brabander
Santiago Echeverry
Dodi Espinosa
Tomás Espinosa
Carlos Enfedaque
Constantin Hartenstein
Gregorio Ortega Coto
Hanna Schaich
Enad Marouf
Samuel Perea-Díaz
Régis Samba-Kounzi
Manuel Solano
Kurt von Bley

Thomas Rohe (Opening)

Coral Short & Jean P'ark (Sat Apr. 15 / 17:00)
instinct edition #12 is curated by
Eric Lerouge and Samuel Perea Diaz