Samuel Perea-Díaz is a cross-disciplinary artist, researcher, and spatial designer. His practice spans sound art, exhibition design, and curation. Having earned a degree in Architecture and an MA in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, he has worked for several architect and artist studios in Berlin and London, designing museum scenography, exhibitions, and art installations. 

As an artist, Samuel focuses especially on sound and archival practices, constantly exploring how sonic activism and aural architecture can impact listening. He has created site-specific installations and sound-focused objects that deal with sonification, sound relocation, field recording, and virtual reality. Recent exhibitions include shows at Errant Bodies Studio (2023), Instinct (2023), GlogauAIR (2022), Tieranatomisches Theater (2022), 48H Neukölln (2021), SoundsAbout (2020-2022), CLB Gallery (2020), and the Akademie der Künste (2019).

Samuel's academic and artistic research is at the intersection of queer and sonic spatial practices. Perea-Díaz teaches seminars on curating and sound at the Humboldt University and the Berlin University of the Arts, and is actively involved in conducting listening walks. Samuel’s independent research has evolved into various curatorial projects, which include shows such as ‘An AIDS Walkthrough’ (2023) at WeAreVillage, or ‘Ocaña. Der Engel, der in der Qual singt’ (2022) at the Schwules Museum in Berlin, and ‘Listening to Listening’ at Neukölln 48H (2021).