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Sound Installation

Sonic Interstices

Perea-Díaz's art installation explores spaces of mixed realities while focusing on listening. Samuel's residency at GlogauAIR has engaged with the acoustic characteristic of the building by practicing different workshops with the art residents about listening and field recording. This particular artistic research on architecture and sound has concluded with the realization of a sound installation entitled 'Sonic Interstices,' which presents different sound-in-objects and relocated sound recordings from different materials of the building in a multichannel set-up.

GlogauAIR - Project Space
Glogauer Str. 16
10999 Berlin, Germany

Opening Studios:
December 16, 18:00-21:00
December 17, 15:00-21:00

Exhibition Opening Time:
Tuesday 20, 15:00-19:00 
Wednesday 21, 15:00-19:00 (Workshop 11:30-14:30)
Thursday 22, 15:00-19:00
Friday 23, 15:00-19:00

A Building Made of Sound