©Nin Solis

Sound Installation

8Hours of Fan

2-channel sound composition in 2-subwoofers, 4 cable ducts, amplifier and black electric extension (3-10 metre)

This installation consists of a collage of speakers and architectural pieces. Within each structure, two speakers play extended field recordings captured in outdoor settings in London's Vauxhall. The installation explores the concept of endurance, reflecting the ongoing presence of queer listeners in relation to outdoor spaces of sexual desire. The audiovisual work spans 8 hours of continuous audio, immersing listeners in the ambient sounds of bustling urban environments. The installation comprises a 2-channel composition featuring recordings taken near a ventilation duct underground in London ten years ago. "8 Hours of Fan" consists of two sculptural pieces made from architectural elements, where subwoofer speakers play extended field recordings captured in outdoor spaces. The structures are designed with lacquered metal ducts, whose brown tones seamlessly blend with the brick colors found in the specific architectural building where the recordings were made—a ventilation tower underground.

Tom of Finland Festival
Halle am Berghain, Berlin